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24k collagen golden face mask

Product Description

Hot Sale Private Label Skin Care Facial 24k Gold Bio-Collagen Golden Face Mask 


Product Description


Product Description

 Difference between our Collagen Crystal Facial Mask mask and ordinary mask paper:

1) Appearance: Transparent Collagen Mask, Crystal-Clear in appearance

2)Convenience: our transparent mask are supported by plastic trays and can be easily removed from their package.

Ordinary mask in the market, on the contrary, are fold and packed. They are not convenient to use

3) Absorption: our mask is made of plant collagen. It will gradually dissolve under body temperature and permeate into the skin

Ordinary mask in the market, on the contrary, are usually absorbed by the cotton paper used

4) Effectiveness: Ingredients used are taken from the nature. The compositions of wich are close to that of human skin tissue. With high-density plant collage and transparent mask releasing technology, the ingredients can be quickly absorbed by skin and deliver whitening, moisturizing and pores-tightening effect



gold collagen crystal face mask

main efficacy:

anti wrinkle,anti aging,firming,lifting,remove fine lines

other efficacy:

moisturizing ,rehydrating,whitening,

enhances facial slimming and sculpting.

Activates cellular regeneration.

Skin PH balancing.

 Skin type:

 suitable for all skin type

Sell point:

24K Gold ,Pure Collagen






Nano-active gold, deep-sea fish small molecule collage, L-dimensional Vitamin C,

licorice flavonoids, oat peptide, Scutellaria extract, hyaluronic acid, Rose

essential oil, seaweed polysaccharides.



*Instant Lifting &Firming

*Enhance Face Slimming and Sculpting
*Activates cellular regeneration
*collagen synthesis
*skin ph balancing
*Smoothing ad Anti-Inflammatory
*Combat Biological & sunlight skin aging.


How to use

1). Cleanse and dry your face thoroughly.

2). Open this foil package and apply the mask onto your face.

3). Gently press the mask on to your face to create a snug fit.

4). Apply any excess bio-collagen gel over your mask for better moisturizing effect.

5). Wear the facial mask for 20 to 30 minutes.

6). Remove the mask gently followed by your routine facial regime.




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We are located in Tianjin and is near to Beijing. Since 2009, our factory area is 5000 square Meter and we have more than 150 skillful workers. Since foundation in 2009, we insist on the company culture of Kindness, Enthusiasm, Creativity and Responsibility, devote ourselves to developing and contributing to people's health-beauty industry and aim at the most professional health and beauty care patch manufacturer in the world. 
We have top-class production line, well-developed scientific research system and modern testing equipment and gained Certificate ISO, CE, FDA, MSDS, SGS. All these guarantee high quality of product. Our skillful production team, professional sales team, strict quality control team and talent package designers would offer you no-worry services. We also could produce all kinds of patch and design the package according to customer's requirement. We export our health and beauty care patches to many countries and area in the world. 






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